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Yowah Circular Pendant

The Cluster collection combines brilliant gold covered crystal shapes with the smooth dark texture of concrete.

Sure to be an eye catcher, this statement pendant features a circular shape with three eye pins connecting the piece to its black cotton cord. The cord has a sliding knot to adjust the length.

The Cluster collection was inspired by Australia’s profuse and diverse natural treasures hidden in the ground. Each Design bears its name from a region in Australia rich in a particular precious stone or metal. The Yowah pendant is named after a small town in outback Queensland known for its Opal fields and home a distinctive type of Opal called “Yowah Nut”.

Each item sold from our Cluster Collection will fund a girl’s secondary school education for a day in a low-income community, through our partnership with non-profit organisation Room to Read.

$49.00 USD

  • Cord 84cm adjustable black cotton cord
  • Material Concrete and golden paint
  • Collection Cluster
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  • Height 44 mm
  • Width 44 mm
  • Depth 12 mm