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Jumble Scarf


The Jumble Scarf portrays a miscellany of marine treasures unveiled by the ocean. The mellow coastal motif is contrasted by bold geometric design elements, resulting in an unconventional and eclectic aesthetic. The illustration was created by our designer Britta Boeckmann and digitally printed, cut and hemmed in Java, Indonesia.


This scarf has been made entirely from eucalyptus fibres, derived sustainably from certified plantations. TENCEL™ Lyocell is fully biodegradable and created in a closed loop process in which the water and solvents used are 99% recycled. In addition to being a responsible fashion choice, this fabric has excellent moisture absorption properties, a soft feel and is gentle to the skin. 

Giving Back

BoldB was founded on the idea that brands can be a catalyst for positive change. Each scarf purchase contributes to the protection of our precious ocean ecosystems and wildlife through our support of the Australian Marine Conservation Society.


Handwash in cold water and drip dry.

$75.00 USD

  • Collection Scarves
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  • Height 90 mm
  • Width 90 mm
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