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Luina Hoop Earrings

The Cluster collection combines brilliant gold covered crystal shapes with the smooth dark texture of concrete.

Our Luina Earrings are a contemporary take on classic hoop earring designs. They ensure a dramatic look and urban chic, whilst still remaining comfortable to wear.

The Cluster collection was inspired by Australia’s profuse and diverse natural treasures hidden in the ground. Each Design bears its name from a region in Australia rich in a particular precious stone or metal. The hoop earrings are named after a tiny ghost mining town in Tasmania named Luina. Once gold, silver-lead, copper and tin deposits where mined in this region. Today, high quality Fluorite crystals can still be found.

Each item sold from our Cluster Collection will fund a girl’s secondary school education for a day in a low-income community, through our partnership with non-profit organisation Room to Read.

$35.00 USD

Sold Out
  • Material Concrete and golden paint
  • Collection Cluster
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  • Height 31 mm
  • Width 32 mm
  • Depth 11 mm