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Rockpool Earrings

Rockpool - a pool of water among rocks, typically along a shoreline

The Rockpool earrings are the largest earrings from our Aqua collection and ideal for those who love to turn eyes with unique statement earrings. They feature an asymmetrical tear drop shape and have been crafted from bonded beach sand, aquamarine blue resin and silver metal pigments covering the delicate topographic layers of the earrings. Each earring features a delicate freshwater pearl with a beautiful slightly peach pink luster.

Each purchase from our Aqua Collection will help provide one year of safe water to one person in need through BoldB's support of Water.org, an international non-for-profit organisation.

All our designs are designed in-house in Australia and produced in the Philippines. 

$45.00 USD

  • Collection Aqua
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  • Height 33 mm
  • Width 20 mm
  • Depth 9 mm
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