A Piece of Nature

BoldB is a small Melbourne based design label. BoldB jewellery is inspired by Australia's flora and fauna. Each of our products is carefully designed and handcrafted from a range of sustainable woods and colourful resins. Every piece has been sanded and polished by hand to its final shape and combined with high quality fittings.

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Our Story

Melbourne Based

The BoldB brand combines natural materials in new and interesting ways. We love experimenting and trying new things. All our products are designed by Britta in her small Brunswick studio, and handcrafted in collaboration with the talented craftspeople of Cebu.
Britta cutting wire

Humble Beginnings

After studying Industrial Design in Germany Britta moved to Australia with her Australian partner Sam. Fascinated by Australia's natural environment and the local woods Britta began experimenting with scrap timber at the local Woodworking Club. In 2014 she began selling her unique fashion accessories combining scrap timber and colourful resin.
Photo of Family

Family Owned

Unable to cope with the rising demand for her products, Britta welcomed her brother-in-law Michael into the business to expand the BoldB range. Michael now manages the ongoing operations of the business, which has given Britta the freedom to focus on her passion to develop new products and designs.
Britta with drill

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Our Woods

Our first collection has been developed using four species of wood. As the pieces of wood used in our designs are so small, we work with wood from limbs and branches which are considered waste by the furniture and building industries. None of the species used are vulnerable or endangered.

Slice of Jackfruit


Slice of Redwood


Slice of Mahogany


Slice of Greywood


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